Discover the Power of EFT - 3 Day Intensive Training Program

Professional and Personal development in the use and application of Emotional Freedom Techniques


Next Session: June 2-4, 2017
in Markham, ON, Canada

Where: Park Inn by Radisson, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Register before May 15th with 20% DEPOSIT down and early bird pricing!
Payment Plan Available

Join us for 3  days of fun and intensive training in Emotional Freedom Techniques. Gain access to one of the most popular and highly sought after alternative health trainings in the world. Learn the fundamentals behind tapping on specific points and their connection to significant improvements in health, wealth and relationships.

Who Should Attend


  • Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Social Workers
  • Doctors
  • Nurses and other Medical Personnel
  • Teachers
  • Life Coaches
  • Massage Therapists
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Acupuncturists and other Energy Healers
  •  Wellness and Fitness Coaches
  • People wishing to become an EFT Practitioner
  • Individuals interested in learning EFT as a self-help tool for their own healing and personal development.


aamet-logo The National EFT Training Institute "DISCOVER the POWER of EFT" is also an AAMET accredited training program which includes Level 1 and 2 EFT training. Nancy Forrester is the only EFT Master Trainer of Trainers in Canada and a highly sought after educator, psychotherapist(retired), speaker and coach.





When: Fri/Sat/Sun June 2-4, 2017

Prerequisites:  Application and Telephone interview with Nancy

(Refresher repeat registration available at reduced investment) 

Pre-Training - PART 1

  • * 30 Min. Personal EFT Discovery Session with Trainer, Nancy Forrester
  • Pre-Training Instruction and Packages
  • Get Student Access to Download Training Materials Online

3 Day Live Intensive - PART 2

  • 3 Full Days of Training
    Fri: 9am – 7:30pm
    Sat: 9am – 7:30pm
    Sun: 9am – 4pm
  • In-Class Manual and Worksheets

Post Training Support Group - PART 3

  • 4 LIVE on-line/tele-calls over 8 week period:
    TUNE IN WITH TAPPING follow-up group support program is an **optional** way to fully integrate the depth of possibilities of EFT into your life and work.
  • BONUS: TUNE IN Call Replays are made available in the Online Student Portal


INVESTMENT for Program Training Package

EARLY BIRD UNTIL May 15: $750 CAD (plus 13% HST)
AFTER May 15th: $850 CAD (plus 13% HST)


Transformation Testimonial from Past Attendees:

"It's like a 3 day Spa Retreat or personal makeover, literally, for your Life!" Natalie Musial

"I recommend this course to ANYONE, whether you want to enhance your client practice or just to grow on a personal level. It's helped me to overcome major obstacles from the past in unexpected and terrific ways." Karen Hilts

“While not my first experience with EFT, this was certainly my most profound. The simplicity of the technique lets anyone feel better. But the level of knowledge and insight Nancy shared, really exposed a depth I wasn’t expecting." Anna Betel






After submitting the application, you have the fantastic opportunity for a

30 min EFT Discovery Session to...

Meet your EFT Trainer, Nancy Forrester and see how EFT will fit into your life, work and world.
Decide if this course is the right fit for you personally and/or professionally.
Discover the next steps for accessing the online training materials, how to pay fees, what to do before coming to the live training and more...


If after your meet-up, you select to attend this training, you will be given information to complete your registration.

1. First and most important... Complete the Form below.

2. Once the form below is completed, you can select a time from the calendar link below in "Step # 2" to meet with Nancy via Skype or Phone.

3. Once you select an appointment time to speak, you can pay a $150.00 (+HST) deposit fee below, to secure your spot.

Online access will be automatically sent after using our online payment submission form. If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your junk folder, in case it ends up there. If you do not get it at all, please email us at You will get access to the training materials after your call with Nancy.

Your FULL Name (required)

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Please tell me how you came across our EFT Training and if you have had any previous experience in EFT or other modalities.

After clicking APPLY below, click the link below to set up a time to meet-up with Nancy by booking direct to her calendar! Click Apply now to continue.



STEP # 2 of 3 - Set Up EFT Discovery Session Date/Time (after completing above form)

Click Here to Schedule Your Meet Up with me:

Please be sure to mention the Discover Program when scheduling so we know which program you're applying to.

STEP # 3 of 3 - Pay Deposit of $150 + 13% HST = $169.50


CANCELLATION POLICY: Workshop payments are non-refundable, however up until 2 weeks prior to the workshop, they can be transferred to someone else or credited toward the current cost of an upcoming workshop offered by NANCY FORRESTER

Magnify Your Message And Motivate Millions

Magnify Your Message and Motivate Millions


I want to introduce you to my colleague Odette Peek Laurie.

She is a successful business coach with quite a story behind her.
She has built two businesses - one to multiple six figures, and another to over seven figures. And she started both from nothing but an idea.
Through massive personal turmoil , she began her coaching business to teach entrepreneurs how to step up and play big to earn the success they crave.
Her first business crossed the million dollar mark in just a year, and her second business surpassed a million is sales this year!
Odette's no BS attitude shows you exactly where you are failing in your business, and her expertise can help you focus on your message, your delivery, and get in your client's heads,  so you can build your business. Fast.
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Top 5 ways to know if you’ll love NeftTI’s spring training, DISCOVER the Power of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

For over 15 years, I’ve trained individuals and practitioners (health and wellness, educational, business, peak performance) to bring EFT/Energy Psychology more deeply into their lives, families and careers.

I’ve interviewed well over a thousand people to determine if training is a good fit for them. Listened to amazing stories about how people found EFT, and then found training with the National EFT Training Institute.

I’ve borne witness to their stories of suffering, and then celebrated their tears of gratitude for the healing and possibilities EFT has already brought them. And I’ve celebrated their passion to explore what deeper training could allow them to be, do, or have as an individual and/or a practitioner.

Their stories, and my own gratitude for how EFT has transformed my personal and professional life are what have me at Starbucks at 8am on a rainy spring Monday in New York’s West Village creating a quiz that I hope will inspire YOU to decide training with NeftTI is a fit for you.

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Managing anxiety and increasing success rates for Students – a professional approach.

Students attending community college face significant stressors regardless of whether they are young students making the physical and psychological transition to greater independence or mature students dealing with an overwhelm of responsibilities as well as their academic programs. These challenges surface in their physical, mental and emotional health, their relationships with friends, partners, parents and teachers, as well as unhealthy use of addictive substances.

Dr. Rebecca Cox provides meticulous research in her book, "The College Fear Factor", linking student anxiety to academic failure and low retention rates, especially among first–generation college students and adults recovering from trauma. The strategies they use to manage this anxiety: not handing in assignments, not going to class, not taking tests, not asking questions often reduce the anxiety in the moment but eventually destroy their ability to succeed.

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How Much EFT Does A Coach, Professional Or Practitioner Need To Know To Be Effective For Themselves And Their Clients?

How much EFT does a coach, professional or practitioner need to know to be effective for themselves and their clients?

Is it enough to learn the the basics? What are the benefits and rewards to you and your clients for taking it a step further? 

It’s a bit (okay, a lot) of a challenge being the Executive Director of NeftTI.  Tap, tap, tap …

That’s because EFT is a unique kind of a modality.  It bridges the divide between self help and therapy/coaching in a way that historical techniques don’t.  It is a self help strategy used by people of all ages right in the moment to stop their fight/flight/freeze reaction.  

As a result anxiety symptoms subside as the body moves out of stress mode into peace and calm.  Physical symptoms subside, cravings disappear, in short, we feel better, think more clearly and perform more capably.

Where are you in your EFT journey? 

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